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Catia Van Dunen

Managing Director

Offices and contacts


Head Office

Baarerstrasse 21, CH
6302 Zug, Switzerland

+41 43 495 99 39

Lisbon Office

Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 27, 1° dto
1050-012 Lisbon, Portugal

+351 213 461 050

Palma Representation Office

Calle Galera nº 9 floor 1
07002 Palma Mallorca, Spain

+34 669 065 255



It’s good to know that you are so determined! Reserving an apartment is the first step to purchase, giving you full exclusivity on the flat over 30 days, enough time to verify all the legal documents and deal with the paperwork, until signing the promissory agreement. Contact us to know about the fees and necessary documents.

On our Portfolio Area you will find the most relevant information regarding each project. If you are looking for further details, you can try the project website or just contact us and we will be happy to talk with you.

Why not? Just send us an email presenting your company and we will be happy to review your inputs and track record.

Mexto has great ambitions and growing plans. Send us your resumé and our HR team will consider it whenever there is any recruitment process.

Yes, we are and we would like to invite you to follow us on Linkedin and Instagram. It’s the best way to stay tuned to our news and work.

Because it’s an extension of what we do. We buy old buildings with charisma and we refurbish them preserving and respecting their history. During this process there are opportunities to use them to serve our other passion, Art. Mexto owns an art project called NOT A MUSEUM where we open up our spaces to international artists to show their work. Interested? Follow NOT A MUSEUM on Instagram

Sales & Inquiries


Call +351 213 461 050 / +41 43 495 99 39
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