Mexto team

Marco Garzetti
Senior Partner
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Tomas Suter
Senior Advisor & Partner

Miguel Cabrita Matias
Board Member & Head of Technical Department

Elson Angélico
General Director & Partner

Benedita Barbosa
Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Catia van Dunem
Managing Director

Market Approach

Combining the Past, Present and Future

Investing in the best locations, we seek to rehabilitate each property, respecting its history and charisma, in a perfect balance with the best and most up-to-date comfort and luxury, resulting in a distinctively exclusive residential product, aligned with the highest standards of our international clients

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avencas antes 02 before
avencas depois 02 after
Before and After for Avencas Ocean View Residences by Architect João Tiago Aguiar

Since 2016 we have been investing in assets that can bring our customers something new.


Project Volume
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Construction Area
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Commercial spaces

Tomas Suter, Senior Advisor & Partner

Our Profile

Assuring our investments with quality and innovation

MEXTO has been specializing in the luxury residential rehabilitation segment, focusing on the best locations and assuming a much higher quality standard, consistent with the highest international standards.

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Business model

Sustainable growth and best practices

MEXTO seeks to maintain a premium positioning that is reflected at all stages of its projects. From the selection of the best business partners, the collaboration of renowned architects, to the predominance of high quality materials and finishes, all stages contribute to the uniqueness of each project, attracting buyers from the most varied parts of the world.

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